the endless possibilities of concrete!

Concrete Service: Breaking Tradition
What comes to your mind when you hear the word concrete service? Does foundation come up? Do decorative concrete slabs cross your mind? It is a great tragedy that most people only use concrete to build strong foundations. Concrete can offer so much more than that.
Concrete is one of the most popular building materials available. Its durability and its cheapness make it prominent in most construction projects. But are you aware that it is also quite versatile? Concrete can easily mimic other building materials. This characteristic makes it popular among general contractors. If you are wondering what the other uses of concrete are, here is a list that can help widen your knowledge about concrete service:
  1. Flooring – As we have mentioned earlier, concrete is quite popular because it is incredibly cheap. To top this off, its innate malleability gives you an assurance that your floors will never be boring. With the help of an expert concrete contractor, concrete can effortlessly mimic its more expensive counterparts. If you want marble, they can give you a faux marble finish by skillfully applying paint to it.
  2. Countertops – Do you envy those granite countertops? You can very well have that as well with the help of a concrete expert. By staining your concrete countertops, they can give you a granite countertop that will only cost you a fraction of what a real thing costs. To top it all off, it is scratch-resistant.
  3. Furniture – Do you like wooden furniture? Don’t worry because you can also have it. By hiring a concrete expert, you can very well have that without cutting a single tree.

Do you now see that the uses of concrete are only restricted by your imagination? For you to be able to tap into this, you should not hesitate to consult Crescent City Concrete Design LLC. We can open your eyes to the wonderful world of concrete. So if you are living in Harvey, LA, you should immediately call us at (504) 407-2969. We will help you with your concrete issues.

Our Services Include: concrete repairs, concrete design, concrete restoration, concrete overlay, concrete staining & scoring, colored and decorative concrete. These services can be performed on old concrete patios, pool decks, walkways and other flooring.
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