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What Are the Different Types of Adhesive a Concrete Service Uses?
Jobs which involve concrete will usually need a strong bonding adhesive. Masonry bonding needs to be stronger than ordinary glue or paste, as it has to adhere to concrete and the material that is getting attached to it. The different types of concrete service adhesive depend on what they are made from.
Most experts in the construction industry recommend Liquid Nails, this is an adhesive which is in a tube. There are various different types of this adhesive available today, and a few are made specifically to bond with concrete. This kind of concrete adhesive is said to be fast drying and highly resistant to the likes of heat, oil, and water.
Epoxy is another material which some masonry adhesive are made out of. This kind of bonding adhesive is used for its durability and resistance to the elements and chemical damage. Because most concrete will be exposed to the exterior elements or even harsh interior environments such as damp basements, durability is a characteristic of concrete adhesive.
Resin is another component which can be found in most bonding adhesives. Most resin glues dry fast and are able to withstand a great deal of weight without shrinking when dry. In point of fact, this kind of concrete adhesive can be found on highways, airport runways, and parking structures. Which is why most heavy-duty projects will need a resin-based adhesive.
For many exterior jobs, mortar is ideal. Although there are now stronger products available, this type of adhesive has been used for decades. Replacing or reattaching bricks on fences is a prime example of a job which uses a traditional concrete adhesive. Mortar is made using sand, lime, water, and various different cement, and is available in bottles, tubes or tubs.
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